‘’Practise what you preach” that’s what Asset Disposal believes, a leading UK provider of eco-friendly IT disposal and recycling services. Their service have already helped over 800+ businesses and education establishments to dispose of their electric waste in an eco-friendly way in line with WEEE and the waste hierarchy. In an effort to reduce the negative environmental impacts of electronic waste and ensuring full compliance and competency with GDPR.

However, like other disposal companies, they generate emissions in the process. With the effects of climate change now affecting, ecosystems, wildlife and people’s daily lives around the world. It has never been more important to step up, take account and act on the environmental impacts associated with business operations. Asset Disposal has made it their priority within their corporate social responsibility efforts to help reduce climate change. Asset Disposal engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain in September 2021, with the ambition to measure and offset its total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (also referred to as carbon footprint) to become a carbon-neutral business.

The assessment process was carried out using the two most widely recognised and used emission standards in the world. ISO 14064:1-2018 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol ensured all measurements, calculations and subsequent offsetting was completed to the most regulated and accurate standards possible. Six greenhouse gases were calculated, known as the six Kyoto Protocol GHGs. These gasses occur the most often as a result of business activities, with the highest global warming potential. Upon the completion of the (GHG) emissions report, we are proud to announce that in December we became certified as a carbon-neutral business by Carbon Neutral Britain. Through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund , we have offset 197.48 Tonnes of CO2e emissions through internationally certified carbon offset. The reports findings enabled Asset Disposal to identify how, where and the volume of the emission generated. This data gave valuable insights which will allow Asset Disposal to further reduce emissions in the future.


“We are delighted to partner with Asset Remarketing Services Ltd trading as Asset Disposal to help identify and offset their environmental impact for 2020 and beyond.”   James Poynter.  Director – Carbon Neutral Britain

We’ve made it a priority within our corporate social responsibility efforts to help reduce climate change.

Working in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain™ helps the UK take the lead in saving the planet.