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IT Asset Remarketing Explained

What Is Asset Remarketing?

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IT Remarketing transforms old or obsolete equipment. At first by assessing and then reselling the equipment considered to have value to the IT reuse market. Certainly for many companies, disposing of redundant and end-of-life equipment is both time-consuming and expensive.

At Asset Disposal, we collect a wide range of IT equipment and peripherals. Such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors. Along with servers and network equipment via our free and secure UK-wide collection service.


Full Assessment of IT Disposal Assets

Free IT Asset Assessment 

Identifying IT assets


We purchase old or redundant IT hardware from a variety of organisations. First of all our expert team evaluate the items. Secondly, identify what can still be reused and resell to the relevant manufacturers. We consider the age and condition of all parts and refurbish where appropriate before remarketing.

We receive products in many different physical conditions. If your items are considered beyond economical repair or are too old for remarketing. Albeit we can still collect the items for free and recycle them while ensuring all the data is destroyed according to legislative standards.


Promoting Sustainability within IT Disposal

Promoting Sustainability

Preventing tonnes of e-waste


At Asset Disposal we are committed to reducing e-waste. IT Remarketing plays a key role in helping our environment. Firstly by minimising needless waste and ensuring old equipment has a new lease of life.

Endorsed by the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) 2008. Thus we adopt the principles of the Waste Hierarchy model whereby we identify the quality and condition of all devices. Ultimately ensuring only the items that cannot be reused are sent to be recycled.

We operate in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. Specifically to cleanse all data devices using approved professional software. Along with our certified destruction machinery to support our customers’ sustainability policies.


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