Did you know that at Asset Disposal we offer a comprehensive IT refurbishment and redeployment service? This means we can take your previously used or outdated IT equipment, such as computers, laptops, tablets and servers and give them a new lease of life ready for redeployment within your organisation.

Here’s what one very satisfied customer had to say about the service; “I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the fantastic refurbishment and collection experience I’ve had with your team.

“From the very start, Alesha and the entire crew demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and dedication to ensure every detail was handled with care. The process was smooth, efficient, and the results exceeded my expectations. The seamless coordination between refurbishment and collection truly made the entire endeavor a breeze.

“I am thoroughly impressed by your commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  I am happy to recommend your services to anyone seeking top-notch refurbishment and collection assistance. 

“Thank you once again for making this a truly remarkable experience.”

The service

So how does it work? Before we begin any repairs and upgrades, we thoroughly inspect the IT equipment so that we can assess its condition. This involves checking for physical damage, hardware issues and any other issues which may affect performance and usability.

Cleaning and refurbishing

Once the IT equipment has been assessed, it is thoroughly cleaned, both internally and externally. This removes any dust, dirt and other debris which may have accumulated during the course of its life span. All worn out components, whether outdated or simply no longer working, are replaced and all required repairs are carried out, ensuring that the item is in good working condition. 

Hardware upgrades, software and updates

Hardware upgrades such as adding more memory (RAM), upgrading storage drives and graphics cards are all necessary steps to enhance performance and extend the equipment’s life. The extent of any upgrades will depend on the intended use of the equipment. 

We will also upgrade or reinstall the operating system and the software installed on the equipment. Ensuring the latest versions are installed means we can be confident of optimal performance and, of course, robust security. At this stage we may also wipe any previous data from the device to maintain data security and privacy. 


Once the equipment has been refurbished and repaired, we put it through a thorough testing process to check that all repairs, installations and upgrades have been successful. At this stsage we check hardware functionality, software and overall system performance.


As mentioned earlier, prior to redeployment, all sensitive data is securely erased from the device to mitigate the risk of any potential data breaches or privacy issues.

Once all of these processes have been completed, the equipment is ready to go to work again. 

By offering a comprehensive IT refurbishment and redeployment service, we are able to extend the lifespan of so much IT equipment, thereby reducing electronic waste and ultimately promoting sustainability – making the most of existing resources rather than plundering the planet for more.

In our experience, this process can not only benefit organisations looking at cost saving solutions, but also individuals, groups or businesses looking to access more affordable, cost-effective IT solutions. 

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