Being extra cautious is necessary when it comes to computer disposal. Computers or any other electronic products should be disposed of in the right way for environmental reasons. Another thing that one needs to pay attention to is removing all data from computer devices before disposing of it. Computers of any company are a pivotal repository of different information, such as financial data, customer information, etc. A thrown-away computer thus can turn out to be a treasure for criminals who are always on the run to steal data and identity. 

We, at Asset Disposal, do computer disposal in line with the WEEE and WFD directives. We offer a computer disposal service at no cost to you. All we want is you to contact us for computer disposal to destroy those computers correctly. It has been our privilege to work with 750+ businesses so far and offer them satisfactory computer disposal services. Asset Disposal believes in overcoming the challenges that come along with computer and IT disposal. 

Here are some of the services that Asset Disposal offers:

  • Free computer disposal service at no cost to you. 
  • We cover all the regions of the UK with no minimum collection quantities. 
  • Asset Disposal uses our satellite tracked vehicles and have our own DBS vetted drivers and processing staff.
  • Each of our vehicles has HD cameras. 
  • On and off-site site data destruction options are available. We can collect and destroy IT products and destroy them at our processing facility or customers’ locations. Whatever is feasible for you. 
  • Individual data erase certification for every hard drive. 
  • Our data destruction services are fully GDPR compliant. 
  • Asset Disposal does computer disposal in line with the WEEE and WFD directives. 

Disposal and Recycling 

IT disposal should be a matter of concern for every business. Indeed, it is a WEEE issue, but your concern should be choosing a partner to do computer disposal, which takes data security seriously and provides you with a robust disposal process. Secure computer disposal means lessening the chances of data breaches. In addition, computers have hard drives in them, which may contain sensitive and confidential data. Asset Disposal can demonstrate our years of experience in IT disposal by offering you an IT waste recycling and disposal process of every end-of-life IT asset, which will be in line with WEEE and WFD directives. 

Computer Disposal by Professional Staff 

Asset Disposal understands that you will like your computers to be disposed of by a professional company with specialists working for them. This is where our specialists come into the picture. We can come to your location anywhere in the UK to collect the computers and other IT waste. Along with this, our experienced team can do on and off-site data destruction on your request as well. Before disposing of the scrap, we also look at the materials that can be re-purposed to minimise the E-waste. Asset Disposal cares for the environment as much as you do. We follow the best industry practice during the computer disposal process. 

Responsible Computer Disposal 

Asset Disposal offers a cost-neutral service, meaning we provide a fully customised computer disposal service, which will suit your requirement. We do IT disposal taking care of GDPR and WEEE directives so that you can have peace of mind. Once you contact us, we will assign a dedicated account manager who will be with you throughout the computer disposal process and ensure that the process runs smoothly. And never worry about the collection because Asset Disposal offers free nationwide collections. We will send a security vetted staff to do the collection of your IT assets. Along with that, we provide a complete audit trail, data destruction certification, and duty-of-care documentation to prove that your IT assets will be disposed of properly. 

In Summary

Whether your IT assets, such as computers, have met the end of lifecycle or you want to upgrade the systems, you can rely on Asset Disposal to dispose of your computers and other e-waste. Never dispose of your IT waste randomly. Ensure you pick a recognised and experienced IT waste disposal company who will do the needful. If you want to dispose of unwanted computers or have a need for IT recycling, contact Asset Disposal.