With global demand for electrical and electronic appliances, combined with rapid innovation and ever-shorter product lifespans, e-waste has now become one of the fastest-growing waste challenges. E-waste is a global threat causing harm to our planet and human health.

The Global E-waste Monitor 2020 report found that the world dumped a record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019. Only 17.4% was recycled.

The world produces as much as 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) a year, weighing more than all of the commercial airliners ever made. By 2050, global e-waste production will reach 120 million tonnes per year if current trends continue, according to a joint report from the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) and the UN E-Waste Coalition released at Davos in 2019.

At Asset Disposal we are committed to reducing e-waste. IT Remarketing plays a key role in helping our environment by minimizing needless waste and ensuring old equipment has a new lease of life.

We believe it’s vital to make our environment a cleaner place, conserving materials, saving energy and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. We adopt the principles of the Waste Hierarchy model whereby we identify the quality and condition of all devices, ensuring only the items that cannot be reused are sent to be recycled.