Disposing of used IT equipment is fraught with risk. Not only should you consider the environmental implications, but there’s also the very serious issue of data security – just how safe is your data? Are you GDPR compliant? How can you reduce the risk of a data breach?

The best solution is to seek the services of a professional IT asset disposal (ITAD) company. The equipment will be disposed of responsibly, your data will be secure and, subject to the number of items you have, the service may even be free.

And at Asset Disposal we’re setting the standard, having recently received the highest possible level of certification for our data sanitisation services. We have recently been audited against ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 and have achieved a DIAL 3 with Distinction pass – only the third ITAD company in the UK to do so.

This certification ensures that any organisation using Asset Disposal for data destruction and sanitisation services will be fully UK GDPR compliant – and DIAL 3 means we are qualified to handle the most sensitive data types, such as global primary corporate clients, government departments, company employee or business data, the NHS and the Ministry of Defence.

In short, you can rest assured that your data is in very safe hands.

ADISA, the New ADISA Standard 8.0 and DIAL Ratings

Launched in 2010, ADISA Certification Limited is the world’s leading certification body for companies that offer data sanitisation and data protection services and products. In 2021, ADISA Standard 8.0 was formally approved by the ICO as a UK GDPR Certification Scheme and the certification process was subsequently approved by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) in August 2022. This enables the data controller and Asset Disposal (the data processor) to manage the asset recovery process to a set standard. In other words, organisations using Asset Disposal’s services are compliant by law.

DIAL, which stands for Data Impact Assurance Levels, is a framework for assessing risk to an organisation or business, based on answers to five questions. Once a DIAL rating has been determined, a bespoke service plan can be built which uniquely matches an organisation’s requirements.

The five questions will determine the following:

The size of the threat to your organisation; your appetite for risk; the categories and types of data required to be processed; the volume of the data; and ultimately, the impact of a data breach on your organisation or business.

Steve Mellings, founder and CEO of ADISA said this about the certification; “I’m delighted for all at Asset Disposal on achieving this significant landmark for their business and their customers. The audit process is extremely thorough, and the commitment and application shown by the Asset Disposal team has been of the highest order.”

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