Each year there is an abundance of new laptops hitting the market, which means thousands of people replace their old laptops with the latest tech. But what do you do with the old laptops? You can’t throw them in a waste bin hastily because that’s not safe. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that e-waste can be highly harmful to the environment. That’s why you should contact an accredited IT disposal company. They will undertake the laptop disposal process in the right way. Before handing over your laptop you should check you are using an accredited and trusted IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service, provider. As laptops often contain confidential and sensitive data that must be kept safe and secure.

In today’s digital world we all store a lot of information on laptops, such as internet banking passwords, financial statements, personal information, and much more. A laptop that you throw away without thinking about the criminals who are always looking for these moments, you, basically, give them an invitation to steal your data easily. Knowing that laptop disposal is a matter of concern, we, at Asset Disposal, undertake laptop disposal in line with GDPR and the WEEE directive. We offer a nationwide collection and IT disposal processing of equipment including laptops subject to minimum quantities.

Join over 750+ satisfied UK businesses in which Asset Disposal has helped in disposing of unwanted IT including laptops efficiently.

Some key features of our services include:

  • Asset Disposal offers a free laptop disposal service at no cost. 
  • Our services are both GDPR and WEEE compliant. 
  • We can come to any location throughout the UK, all we ask is a minimum of 35 primary IT items.
  • We use our own satellite tracked vehicles driven by our professional, and experienced DBS vetted drivers.
  • We also provide you with an on and off-site data destruction option. This option is beneficial for businesses that want their data destroyed impeccably to avoid a data breach. 
  • We provide you with individual data destruction certificate issued for each data bearing device.

Waste Recycling 

Here at Asset Disposal, we don’t just dispose of the laptops; we make sure that the hard drives of each laptop are free from data so that your sensitive data is never compromised. Whenever you choose a laptop disposal partner, ensure that they are GDPR compliant and follow WEEE and WFD directives. The more cautious you are about laptop disposal, the lesser burden you will put on the environment and the better you will protect your data. Since laptops can contain sensitive and confidential data, we at Asset Disposal ensure to remove data from the device before recycling the parts that can’t be re-used. The remaining waste materials are reused for making new components safely and in an eco-friendly way. 

Laptop Disposal by Experienced and Professional Staff 

Asset Disposal has a team of professionals who dispose of laptops carefully. Our specialists can come to your location no matter where in the UK you are located to collect waste laptops and other IT e-waste. Moreover, we can take care of on-site data destruction if need be. While disposing of the laptops, we will look at the materials that can be re-purposed and follow WFD and WEEE directives accordingly. We want to keep your data protected from data thieves and the environment from increasing e-waste. 

In Summary

Asset Disposal is a responsible laptop disposal service provider. We are here to take care of your unwanted laptops and e-waste that you want to get rid of. Dispose of IT with confidence! Contact us today if you have any queries regarding laptop disposal.